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Hepatus Series-Fibroscan

Wide range of clinical applications
It is applicable to the screening, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment assessment of liver fibrosis and steatosis due to various reasons. Especially during early stage.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
Alcoholic liver disease
Chronic hepatitis B
Chronic hepatitis C
Drug-induced liver injury
Autoimmune liver disease
Biliary tract disease

Various ultrasound solutions*
· Professional ultrasound probe to facilitate the examination of ascites, etc.
· Dedicated ultrasound guided puncture to improve the accuracy of biopsy
· Excellent ultrasound image and function enable comprehensive assessment of liver morphology and hemodynamics.

Tourniquet Touch TT20 / TT15

− 8 inches (800 x 480 pixel)
− Wide viewing angle (170°)
− Low reflection, mat, anti-glare
− Lithium-ion (14.4 V – 93.6 Wh)
− Approx. 8 h backup runtime
− Software updates
− Saving log file for device analysis
Touch Screen
− 100% premium glass
− Easy cleaning and disinfection
− Usable with surgical gloves
Cuff Channel
− Pressure range: 80 – 500 mmHg
− Alarm time: 15 – 120 minutes
− With integrated handle
− Very robust material
− Easy cleaning and disinfection
Irrigation Channel (TT15)
− Pressure range: 50 – 300 mmHg


Intravenous Regional Anaesthesia (IVRA)
− Safety lockout to reduce the risk of accidental cuff
deflation and to prevent a sudden loss of IVRA


Connection Irrigation Channel
− Irrigation port with dedicated connector for Pressure
Infusion Cuff to avoid misconnection of Tourniquet Cuffs
− Pressure is monitored and adjusted constantly to
compensate loss of pressure caused by emptying of the
fluid bag